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I snapped my achilles in 2003 and since then I have had pain in the ball of my left foot. I cannot walk without something on my foot/feet at all times as the pain is so bad on hard surfaces. I wear slippers from the moment I get out of bed and then until if get back into bed (apart from when working).

I would describe the pain as like a ball bearing under the skin/bone moving. The pain is not as bad when I have my nice soft slippers on. I have been to hospital and had an x ray and was sent to "surgical support clinic" where they made me an intersole which was rubbish and didnt help. The surgeon said that if that didnt work he could operate but that he didnt really want to. Do you think I should go back to the doctors and back to the surgeon?

I have just read an article relating to "Morton's Neuroma" and wonder if that is what I have got.

Any information would be greatly received.

Thanks Sue.


Well if you think it could be the Morton's Neuroma you could try to wear some shoes for Morton's Neuroma. The principle symptom associated with a neuroma is pain between the toes while walking. You should wear shoes with plenty of room for the toes to move, low heels, and laces or buckles that allow for width adjustment. Resting the foot and massaging the affected area can temporarily alleviate neuroma pain. Use an ice pack to help to dull the pain and improve comfort. Have both of your feet measured. You may find that one foot is wider than the other. You should always buy shoes to fit the larger and wider foot. Visit you podiatrist if you cannot find any shoes that do not bring on your symptoms. If any of these thing doesn't help you, then you should go back to the doctors and back to the surgeon.