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I have been overweight for years and my doctor and nutritionist had tried everything from exercise to dieting. It wasn't until I purchased a pedometer and started keeping track of my walking, I lost several pounds and over all have a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend this device. Every step during the day adds up from chores to walking the stairs, and when you keep track of it you push for those extra few steps wherever you can get them. I got the pedometer at this site h . I hope you find this as useful as I.
happy Health everyone.

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Hey I agree with you! Good and healthy diet is essential not just to lose weight but to be healthy and happy. I have visited nutritionist few years ago and he did some tests which showed that I must keep away from white sugar. I didn’t listen completely but I have lowered the intake and I have started to walk with my boyfriend.


We started with simple walk through the park and then every day we were doing more and more. Now we can walk for hours just for fun but as well we want to lead healthy life.


We have normal weight now and we are managing to maintain it. Sometimes I must eat sweets but even than I am careful. Before I would took whole chocolate without thinking about it but now I take just one piece and I am fine.

So everybody who wants to lose weight walking is number one solution for this problem.