I had my first bunion surgery 6 years ago with an ok result  The pain was excruciating but I got through it.  Last year, I had to do the other foot and I had a really difficult time dealing with the pain for the first 2 weeks.  I would say it felt like some stabbed by foot with a serrated steakknife and left it in there. I had percocet but it did not even touch the pain, it just made me feel drugged.    I sensed this foot didn't go as well as the first one.  It was taking  a long time to heal, and then seemed to start stiffening up a lot about 9 months after surgery.  Also, the scar is an angry, raised purple thing that is not fading.

I went back to my doctor who looked looked at it and told me the whole operation  would have to be redone because I had a "bad outcome."  I decided to get some other opnions and spoke to 3 other doctors over the course of the last 2 months.  During these last 2 months, my foot has gotten stiffer and more paiful and I'm finding even short walking very uncomfortable.  In addition to the pain from the big toe area, my heel and ankle hurt, the outside of my foot hurts and I can feel the bone shifting from standing on it wrong.  My other foot hurts as do both of my knees, my spine and my neck and shoulders.    

The new doctor has explained to me that this is because the mechanics of my foot no longer work.  My joint is jammed up on top of the big toe joint so it has no flexibility.  The screw is sticking down into the ball of my foot.  The angle of the bone is 40 degress off.  I now have to have surgery for the 3rd time and I am anxious and upset.   I need a pain management doctor to help me with the days immediately after because I can't go through that knife in the foot hell again and I have to do it soon because I can feel everything getting worse daily. If I don't do it soon, the other foot will also get more damaged because of the way I stand and walk.  

I don't know what other options there are for pain management but I have to believe I should not have to feel like an axe is embedded in my foot.I'm also curious if this knee pain will go away after it's fixed.  This messed up my entire body.