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my foreskin is forward wen i do not hav an erection, i can pull it backwards aswell with no problems, but is it meant to be back all the time#? i've just never known? wen i d have an erection, my forskin will not come back, i can only pull it to about half way back over the head of my penis and it does not stay there it goes forward straight away. why is this? what is actually meant to happen to a guy and his penis through puberty and stuff, what is normle when a guy does and does not ahve an erection?
thanks alot , bye


It is a matter of opinion whether the foreskin should be kept retracted at all times. If so, you realize all of the same benefits as if circumcised. Many boys and men do it.

If it retracts when not erect but only half way when erect, it sounds like you have phimosis. That means the opening at the end is too small to pass the erect penis head. It needs some stretching.

It can help to retract before each erection, and then let the penis itself stretch the opening. Eventually, with daily practice, this should become comfortable and preferable, and then you can keep it retracted all the time.

Only a minority will auto-retract with erections, because they are shorter than average foreskins. Most require your help. Good luck.