So I had 2 neuromas removed from my 3rd/4th and 4th/5th, along with a bone spur done on the same foot that had a nerve sitting on it  Oct 28th 2019.  I have done everything that I have been told to do and still having problems Jan 20th.  From the top of my foot down to the end of my toes are numb and feel like they are asleep all the time, night time is just so miserable with the tingling and shooting pains that I haven't slept a full night since surgery.  I am on 600mg gabapentin, which I am not sure helps, 4 ibprophen, 2 tylenol and pretty much anything else including CBD to try to help with pain.  (along with over the counter sleeping meds at night)  My orthopedic surgeon wont give me any pain medicine to help me and has no other reasons as to why my foot is numb.  Can anyone please help me!!!