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Hey guys it's my 5th day after my tonsils was taken out. I had it removed on Dec. 23, 2013. I think we have the same problems why I decided to have it removed. Tonsilitis. The first 3 days was so painful. I felt pain not just just on my throat but also on my chest and shoulders. I went to my doctor and had myself checked up and she said that it's normal but not all patients had the same issues. She adviced me to have a healthy living for a whole month. Here's what I eat: mashed potato, vegetable salad (leaf only but you can put tomato if you can handle the pain), scrambled eggs(since I can't eat meat and I need protein for healing), ice cream(but I usually eat it after meals), noodles(but do not eat when it's hot), oatmeal(good when it's cold) and lastly porridge (don't eat it when it's hot). I always eat even though it is so painful so I can recover right away.  And the most important thing I don't forget, drink lot's of cold water. I dont want to end up in the emergency room because of dehydration. Painkillers save me from pain but not always. Pls share some advice to me as well.


Hello, ChaCun.... I have heard that tonsillectomys are very painful, especially the first couple of weeks.  I have known of at least 3 adults that have had it and had much pain with it.  I don't believe they were able to eat much because of the pain.  It sounds like you are faring better than they did.  It is good that you are able to tolerate eating because the protein will help you heal better.  The pain will eventually subside within the next two weeks so you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Has any of the forum readers had a tonsillectomy?  How did you do while recuperating from it?