I have been treated with Morphine since 2007 and also have sleep apnea. I just really need help with one or both of these issues since I can not live without sleep or breathing. The pain meds are making the sleep apnea worse which scares me so much I can not sleep even with the Bi-Pap machine. My sleep study shows I stop or slowed my breathing 70 times in an hour. The type of apnea is called complex because my brain is not telling my body to breath. The morphine makes this worse so getting off pain meds is a matter of life or death this is another reason why I can not sleep at night. I also have asthma which really makes me question my Doctors decision to start me on morphine in the first place since it slows your breathing.

I feel like a sacrificial lamb that all my care givers failed. All my health problems have been made worse by their lack of care. Now I'm left alone with health problems that could lend to my death. How do I stop one the pain meds for real issues and care for my apnea too? PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS TELL ME.

I don't mind getting off the pain meds but can not stop without help because cold turkey isn't possible after 6 yrs.

I know that if I could just resolve that problem my apnea my get less severe, as it is not I really don't know how long I have.