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Okay, so about two days ago; my nipple was very itchy. Then later on that day; i felt severe pain on my nipple/aeola area. I looked in the mirror to try to see what was going on and to see if my bra was poking into me. I found very many small bumps and they are not white on the top. They are severly painful; and i have tried to ignore the pain; tried advil; and i have also tried to change clothing. I am 15 years old; and my mom and my fathers girlfriend have no idea what is going on. They tell me its not exactly normal because of the amount of pain. I have asked other girls my age; and no one has the same problem. Are they infected? please help!!!!!!!! im scared and its tender to the touch:(



Are you living in a climate that's hot and humid? Could be heat rash. My second guess is Eczema (irritation to soaps or clothing) or Candidiasis (fungal problem within the body from a poor high in sugar diet).

I wouldn't get stressed out about it, but when you get a good chance go and visit a doctor to put your mind at ease.

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