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Hi. My boyfriend has been complaining about pain while going pee...but that has stopped now for a few days. Now, his testicles hurt him all the time. He cannot have sex because it hurts too bad and it also hurts when he is not even doing anything. What does that mean? He also has had yellow cum. I already got tested for UTI and Chlamydia and they were both negative. Im alittle worried about him And he is too scared to go to the doctor...could you tell me what they might do to them..please help!


Your boyfriend should see a doc to check for bacterial presence. He could have developed UTI or even epididymitis, which are both bacterial infections and treated easily with antibiotics.

Is there any swelling or any lumps present on/in his scrotums?

It doesn’t have to mean that he has been infected with a sexually transmitted bacteria. Bacteria from colon often move from rectum to the urethra causing infections.

He could have also developed kidney stones but then he would probably have pain in the lower back. In kidney stones, discomfort is felt when the stones try to move out from the kidney. As they travel down from kidneys through urethra, they may cause pain in the lower back, lower abdomen, groins and testicles.

An urologist may decide to do an ultrasound, which can show any enlargements and disorders, it could show testicles, epididymis, bladder, prostate, etc…

Before that, a doc may take a sperm or urine sample and check his testicles by squeezing them (but your boyfriend doesn’t have to know about that, if he finds this inappropriate).

The sooner he sees a doc, the better.