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Hi Guys,

Whenever I go toilet I get a sharp pain at the tip of my penis. I haven't had sex before or any other type of sexual activity with women. It started about 2 days ago where I had alittle blood and some water stuff (like the water/blood that comes out of a popped spot) and it hurts everytime I go toilet. I can see and there is a bump just inside the urine exit.

Note, I have been suffering from acne for around 6-7 years so could it be related to that


The chances of you getting a pimple on your penis, whether or not you've had acne, aren't very good.

What you're describing sounds like a urinary tract infection. But you say that you can see a bump and you believe that it comes from that. That could be true. In either case, I suggest you go see a doctor. You want to get treated for either a UTI or an injury to the penis. Also, only a doctor could truly assess what's wrong.