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this morning i was fine, during the day i went to play golf. and thats when it started to sting BADLY

The tip of the penis is red, there is a very small red bump on it also. It stings after i urinate, NOT while i urinate, and it stings because of the urine touching the tip of the penis. There is often discharge of white milky substances. I AM circumsized, did not have any sexual activities on the day, first time it ever happened to me.
When i took a shower it stung like crazy, when anything touches it stings like crazy, just wearing boxers or underwear makes it sting.

Would it be due to the fact that it was a hot day, and i was wearing underwear? because of the body movement in golf with swinging of the hips could that make my penis rub against the underwear,
Also my mother has recently went on holidays and i did the washing myself ( which i normally never do ).


nahh you just have a dose