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Im sorry if this post seems a little brash, but I simply MUST get the answers as soon possible!

I recently had protected sex with a girl i've been seeing, and did -NOT- ejaculate... at all. While, removing myself I guess you'd say, then I noticed the condom had slipped off (Which might be my fault, because I couldn't exactly keep myself aroused and went from swinging a baseball-bat to swinging a garden-hose). Upon seeing this, she and I were sent into a world of panic and worry. She explained that her period is awfully close, and stressing her out could make her 'late'.

That being said, I've heard all sorts of topics and rumors that you can or cannot get pregnant from cowper's fluid or "pre-cum" and am unsure of what the actual possibilities are. If anyone has any information or comments I'd love to hear them!



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Hey there Abe,

sorry to hear about your misfortune.... there is no 100% deffinate answer when it comes to pre-cum and also it depends on the circumstances.

first off yes there is a chance but it is usually VERY slim.... to help get a better idea of your chances tell me when was the last time you ejaculated before you had that protected sex? did you urinate after ejaculation? did you wash you penis after you ejaculated and are you circumsized.... this all plays a part in helping get an idea of the chances of pregnancy... with that said im sure it is still very small.