Hi, my name is Miranda. I have a swollen lymph node under my right underarm. I had a blood test taken a month and 1/2 ago and the doctor said I had mononucleosis. Well, it's been exactly 8 weeks and I still have this swollen lymph node under my underarm. The swelling has gone done a little but is still there and causes discomfort (soreness). Does anyone know when this swollen lymph node will disappear/go done?

Should I be worried that it is far more serious than mono and get it checked for cancer? Cancer is my main worry!! I recently changed doctors because I don't trust him. My new doctor said she wanted to do a CT scan and xray to see how big it is, since she cannot tell whether or not it has gotten smaller within the last 8 weeks. I believe it has. Should I hold off on taken the CT and x-ray to see if it gets smaller? Because it's going to cost me $3,000!!! I would rather wait if its not too serious to see if it will go down and/or get it tested to see if its cancerous.