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Hi, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with me?

I have had pain in my stomach for the last 2 weeks. It started off as oaccasional stabbing pains only when lying down. Then about a week ago I developed the sensation of a lump just left of my bellybutton, particularly when I am sitting. However when I actually feel my stomach there is nothing to feel and it looks normal. Over the last couple of days the pain has got gradually worse and is now a constant ache, which spread across the left side of my stomach. I have oaccasional stabbing pains and a throbbing swelling like feeling in my left lower back (I think where my kidney should be). I have not lost my appetite and have had regualr bowel movements. I have noticed that I am more tired over the last few days and the pain may get worse after eating although I am not certain of a link between the two. Has anyone experienced similar or does anyone have any idea what the cause may be?
I would be greatfull for any help and I would prefer not to visit a doctor unless necessary.


hello, i have had this exact exact problem over the last few weeks, it although it started for me as more of an irritating itch.. have you found y new