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Alrite heres the deal: Its my senior track season and i'm looking to make the most outta it. Freshman and junior years i got really bad shin splints which kept me from getting really good. Sophomore year my shins didnt really bother me that much and i absolutely TORE IT UP!!! After 3 years of problems i found out that my arch collaspes, and thus i overpronate which causes the shin splints. One of the things that helped in the past was Dr. Scholls dynastep sport heel cups. I used them sophomore year--t(he year with hardly any problems).

This year, i went out and spent $115 on Brooks Beast, their 'mack daddy' shoe for moderate to severe overpronators and supposedly one of the best on the market. My main question is, should i still get the dr. scholls heel cup things?? I mean i'm not sure if that would negate the benefit of my shoes, or if it would only increase the benefits...

PS: Practice started today. I don't know if the shoes are gonna work yet so thats why i am asking this now. Also, i'm a sprinter- in case that matters.

Any input would be greatly appriciated!


Good luck this season--I hope you enjoy it.

As far as the shoes, I think they're great shoes (my husband wears those), but only time will tell about your shins.

Maybe if you got proactive and did some of the stretches recommended by others on this board (do a search for shin splints) maybe they wouldn't hit so hard.


good luck this season. i'm sure shin splints can be frustrating.

if you weren't wearing a good motion control shoe before and needed one, i'd probably not put the extra heel thing in; let the shoe do its thing. gets to the point when you don't know which end is up if you are messin' with alot of variables.

have you tried muscle massage before you stretch? i'd rub out my shins and calves, quads too before and after i run/workout if i were you.