I have always been the type of person with tons of energy. I eat healthy and exercise. I work one job out and a phone job at home, which keeps me sitting down on the phone and I even watch tv while doing it. I live in my mother's home and I might ad that at almost 80 she always had energy too. Just recently my daughter was married and you might say, I was her wedding planner. I was wearing down as the wedding approached and was releaved when her and her husband were pronounced man and wife.

I got pictures ready for her in a small album the night before they returned and then I broke down. I checked my BP and it was up a little and everytime and checked it would be higher and then I started shaking. Exhaustion set in. I was fine all weekend after they returned. Back to the usual and even cut the grass and vacuumed. The energy had returned. Monday morning it was a different story. My heart was beating slow, but hard like when you have a fever.l Then I felt better later in the day. Walked 20 min. Loads of energy again. Then the next day at work was stressful. Strong heartbeat again and not myself. I went to the Dr. He ordered bloodwork, EKG, & an Echocardiogram which I've had several times before because of Mitral Valve prolapse. Then the next day I took it easy and was walking 20 min again, but that night....I don't know whether I had a Panic attack or what, but I started shaking and my heart started racing and I had to call my Dr. I talke 25 mg Lopressor twice a day and that has always helped with the racing of my heart and blood pressure. It always kept it slow except when extremely nervous when going to Dr. & Dentists. He had me take an extra 25 mig. which slowed it down.

The last week has been a series of Dr. visits and tests including an Aortic Echocardiogram. EKG was fine. Waiting for other results. This is adding to the stress. I have mitral valve prolapse, hypoglycemia and have not had a period in more than 2 years. Does this all add up to the problems I am encountering or is it all brought on by a weakened system from lack of rest. I even had bronchitus in March and I never take time off from work and I've missed 3 days in the past 2 months from sickness. Is all this making sense or should I worry because all of a sudden in the past week I'm a jumble of nerves, racing heart and exhausted?