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Hey everyone.

I went to see my friend today and she asked me to go with her to visit her doctor. I said yes, of course. I was in the waiting room while she was at his office and I don’t know what they were talking about.

I know that she has arrhythmia and she is going very often to see him.  She is scared, I understand her.

After talking with him she went out and she started to talk something about insertable cardiac monitor for arrhythmia.

She doesn’t have any idea how this works.

Do you know how this works?



Hey Coffee.

This is very easy. She is having problems with her heart and with her arrhythmia – that is obvious. Well, in that case her doctor can prescribe an instertable cardiac monitor. This monitor will continuously record her heart and heart’s rhythms over long period of time.

You need to tell her that this is nothing bad and you need to calm her down.

My friend has experience with it and she told me that she was feeling bad so doctors were able to access and download information’s which helped them to determine what is going on with her. 

Good luck. 



Hey. It is nothing hard and dangerous. I believe that your friend is scared but they are using it just to monitor her and her current condition. You should tell her to be calm. Everything is going to be fine. This is very small device that monitors heart rhymes and records them automatically. I think that this device is not larger than USB for example. This device is just implanted beneath the skin in the chest are during a very simple procedure.

Tell her that this procedure is over soon and that she doesn’t need to be scared at all.

It is for her health.  



Hello guys.

This is a very usual question about monitor. You know what it is but you need to know that once the cardiac monitor is inserted in the upper chest area, it is programmed to monitor your heart’s activities all the time.

If you experience some symptoms such as fainting or even uncomfortable sensation in your heart you, your family member or your doctor should immediately place very small hand – held activator over the cardiac monitor. Just press the button. Those triggers in the device will record the heart’s natural rhythms as you feel the symptoms.

This is very useful like I told you because it is going to help your doctor to determine the cause of the symptoms.