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for the past month i have been suffering anxiety/ panic attaks and they have been getting to the point where i have called an ambulance a couple of times, i cant seem to take my mind off it when it starts and its now leading to depression, anyone got ideas to keep my mind busy whilst this starts happeming??? i need a reply ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as im starting to have an attack whilst im writing this!!!!!!!


Hi ineedhelpasap, I suggest that you go see a psychiatrist. I too suffer from anxiety/panic attacks which leads me to a depressed state.

I don't know if you are against medication but I was given medication to take when I felt one coming and a anti-depressant, to take one

a day. I am so much better. I don't know if your heart starts racing but the medication I got makes it stop and I feel so much better.

Maybe your reg. Dr. can help you also. It isn't a matter of keeping your mind busy. When you are in that state you can not think correctly. Good Luck in what ever you choose. Hope you get better.



I have some ideas to keep your mind busy :

-exercise which helps to relieve from stress and make you feel great about yourself
-volunteer work which makes you feel like you are making a difference, seriously it does
-have fun and party- go out, mingle, flirt, dance, have a blast- see how fun the world is around you
-hang with friends- rent a movie order a pizza and laugh with your friends
-organize something- sounds boring, but it always distracts me to go through old things, old books, -clothes, and get rid of the old and organize what i want
-read a good book- great distraction
-listen to music - not only distracts you but helps you COPE

with the help of above take a medication from psychiatrist as well as counseling from counselor.