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Hi! For the past two days I have been going drinking with my friends. The first night, I woke up and it was fine. But last night(the second night), Before i could go to sleep, 2 hours after the drinking ended, i noticed that the right side of my face was feeling numb. It then moved to the other side of my face, neck and sometimes upper back and right arm. But When i saw numb, I mean a tingly feeling. It is the strongest in the right side of my face and i can still feel temperature and if i flick myself in the face. Its been 15 hours since, and the numbness/tingles are still here. I thought it could've been a stroke or a mini stroke, but I can still talk and move everything fine. I thought it could've been an allergic reaction, but i haven't gotten any bumps or itches. Its seriously just the numbness in my face and tightness in my chest. What could it be? 


Im 19 btw and this isn't the first time I've drank alcohol. Also, we drank stoli vodka(first for me with stoli, but i usually drink vodka), Jose cuervo(I've never tried tequila, but i only took one shot) and this really gross cheap cappuchino flavored vodka(Which was also my first time drinking). And there were no mixed drinks, just straight up shots. 


Hi Aya,

Sometimes, even things we've had in the past can trigger events.

Your facial problem sounds like Bell's Palsy.  Alcohol, and other things, can "trigger" an event.

If it continues, see your doctor.  I'm also concerned about the chest tightness.

Good luck.



Hi Aya, I know this is a year later but I am wondering if you have continued to get this or have narrowed it down to a certain alcohol like tequila.

I write this because I am an adept drinker (large healthy British male, work offshore) rarely get hangovers, don't drink regularly, only on good night's out.

Well I was at a Mexican restaurant tonight and drank 4 cocktails containing, like you drank, Jose Cuervo. That is the only alcohol that passed my lips. Was feeling tingly at the time but now hours later in bed my face is numb, and suppose fingers and feet are too. I can move my face fine (so not Bells Palsy) but literally when I touch my face, everything feels so soft (cause my face and fingers are quite numb). I am curious of anyone else has felt this after drinking tequila? I am mid 30s and don't normally drink tequila and certainly do not get this with beer or gin.

Best regards all.