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I am trying to figure out what's going on with my body.  I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.... And since the things affecting me cover so many different body parts, I thought this might just be the place to start a post...

Okay, so I'm 28, 241 lbs (down from 289).  I had metabolic syndrome, which caused diabetes (6.1 A1C, down from 7.6), high blood pressure (resolved, 127/89 from 150/90ish), borderline high cholesterol (back to normal now), and immense weight gain.  But my problems didn't start when I gained weight, though that intensified some of them.  I've been DX'd with PCOS, hemorrhoids, diabetes type 2, asthma, acne, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, psoriasis, etc.  I get hives sometimes, and for live life of my I don't know what causes it.  So, I am completely confused, but my body is doing some weird things and I don't think anyone believes me.  The doctors just tell me to lose weight (which is coming off, slowly but surely).

So, here are my symptoms:

  • Polyps in Sinuses:  I get a bad fever and what looks like a bad cold/flu, with terrible congestion, swollen glands, fever of 102-ish, lots of mucus, and then, my fever goes away and I start to blow polyps out of my nose.  Within a week after that, it's done.  That is, until they reappear in 10 or so months.  Last year, this happened in January. This year, May.
  • Cysts--Body-wide:  I get cysts.  Many of them are vaginal (highly painful), but I've had a good half-dozen that were on my limbs (one of which needed to be surgically removed and another surgically drained).  I also get cystic acne.
  • Irregular Cycles:  I started having periods when I was 10 and my cycles never evened out.  Sometimes I'll have bleeding for 4-12 weeks straight, other times I'll be cycle-free for months on end.  This started when I was skinny, so weight is DEFINITELY not the issue here.  (It was at one of its worst points when I was 120 lbs.)
  • Rectal Bleeding:  I bleed rectally, but not all the time.  It seems to start up just before or just after my cycle starts, and stop within a week of the end of my cycle.  I don't have hard stools or a ton of constipation.  Actually, I've had trouble getting my stools to firm up.
  • Hives:  I don't know why.  They really seem random.  I thought at first I was having heat rashes, but they happened during cold weather, too.  They're extremely itchy, and look like raised red lumpy skin.
  • Psoriasis/eczema: I have a patch of itchy, scaly skin on my left knee that isn't going away.  When I'm stressed, I get patches on my right cheek, my other knee, my left big toe, and my left elbow.
I try to take pretty good care of myself.  When I'm not laid up with a fever, I'm exercising at least 4 days a week at moderate intensity or better for 30-60 minutes.  I cook for myself and do not eat anything with HFCS or enriched/refined flours and sugars, unless I'm treating myself (which happens maybe once a week-ish).  I take Zyrtek and Flonase for my allergies, Prometrium for the PCOS/irregular cycles, Vitamin D for an imbalance of D in my last blood test, iron supplements, Metformin for PCOS/Diabetes, and Albuterol as needed for asthma.  

I don't think people generally have half a dozen things wrong with them (or more!) the way I do.  I know some of these can be co-occurring disorders, but I think there's something going on here I can't see.  So many different things seem to be going wrong right now.  Please, give me whatever feedback you have.

Thank you!




My daughter is 15 and recently had Polycystic cysts removed. She also has recently undergone nemerous tests for recal bleeding. Doctors have been unable to determine the source of the bleeding. It appears to occur about 5 to 10 days prior to her Menstrual cycle. We are in the process of having tests run to determine if this is a Milk Protein Allergy. I have am also thinking about Endometriosis.

I'm curious to know if you have followed up with a Doctor and if you have a cause for your illness.



Actually, the doctor I saw was borderline incompetent. He said I have six completely-unrelated, random medical conditions, of which he didn't know the cause of any. But definitely unrelated. His exact words were, "I guess you're just lucky."

I'm seeing a naturopath next week, and hopefully he will have some better answers.


Actually, I have some of the same symptoms.  Besides Western medicine, you should look into Eastern therapies.  Would be great if you could find a doctor who believes in both kinds.  My acupuncturist and information that I've gathered on my own agree that most of these symptoms are related to chronic inflammation.  If you can get the inflammation under control, most of the symptoms should go away. I'm working on this now. Good luck!


Well, I haven't taken my prometrium since May, because it's really expensive and I've had some monetary issues lately.  I just started my cycle a couple of days ago, so I skipped in June.  

I've also had a low-grade fever for the last four months straight.  

Here's hoping that I start to feel better soon.