I have a bump on my labia major. It really isnt off color. it blends in with my skin color. It hurts just bit. I tried popping it but it wouldnt pop and it started hurting so I left it alone. It lightly itches but I think that's more because of the small hairs on and surrounding it. I was brave enough to google image genital herpes and warts and stuff like that. Let me just say what I have looks nothing like genital warts of herpes. Its literally just one lonely bump. it doesnt burn or itch uncontrollably. and the little pain i did feel was when I was squeezing it to pop it but I wasnt popping, its thick when I grab it bewteen my fingers. Its like the size of a pea when i grab it. its more on the inside of my skin the the outside. Any clue what this could be? Im kind of freaking out. I think I had this like a year ago in the small spot then it went away. could it be a gland of something like lymph nodes?