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hi i am 24 yrs old virgin when i was trying to have sex with my girlfriend my penis didn't erect properly can you tell whats the problem and the solution?plzzzzzzzzz


Dude. Join the gang. It's a penis, not a dildo, and despite what they say, it and you are intimately connected.

The biggest organ in your body, that controls your penis to a greater or lesser extent, is your brain.

There's a whole bunch of other stuff - hormones, nerve endings, stimulation, etc. etc. etc., but the biggest issue with an erection is the classic turned on little devil fighting it out with the priest or angel: the more your head is arguing, the less you can relax and enjoy the occasion.

If you get erections normally (on your own, reading porn, watching girls, whatever) and you orgasm normally (likewise), and if you do so also if your girlfriend helps you out in foreplay, then everything's fine dude, just the head that's a little distracted. The bigger a deal you make of sex, the harder it is to perform - the more it's fun and an exploration - hint: you have a tongue and fingers, put them to work - the more fun and natural it becomes.

If your penis falls off, or you never achieve an erection, then yes, you have a problem

Other than that, you're fine - I doubt you'll make it to 40 and still a virgin like the movie, so chill - it's going to happen, let it decide when.

ps: tip or hint: let your girlfriend take some of the 'responsibility' if she wants it to happen - let her stimulate you, get you hard, stroke you, tease you, playing with it and rubbing her clit etc... if she gets into that, and you get into that, that state of your erection is likely to be the last thing on either of your minds ... and while she's up there, sitting on top of you (who's lying down), if she wants to go for a ride, let her... this ain't the military - it doesn' t have to be 50 press ups or no score, it doesn't count...