Hi everyone,
I just joined this site today because i read alot of helpful info. I need advice on my adddiction to narcotics being that i am 3 months pregnant. I have been taking them for about 2 years. I take up to 20 a day of percocet, or lortab if i have them. Basically whatever i could get my hands on. I will take oxycontin, darvocet or morphine just to avoid withdrawals. I have formed a bad habit of snorting these pills. i have bought many pill crushers from walmart or any pharmacy. I have been told many times that these pain killers are not harmful to the fetus. However i know the way i abuse them could not be any kind of safe. I am researching suboxone and am planning to start it today. I hear that many are just leaving one dependance for another. If anyone wants to chat about any of this i would be very thankful. I need help getting of these but i don't want to because i enjoy doing them so much. I will be a mother for the frist time and would hate to have anything happen to my baby.