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Check it out. read about it . i know 2 people who have had it done. been clean for 2 years. and havent looked back.. you get no withdrawals. and u feel the drugs leaving you. if u can afford it they have many places set up in mexico and other places then the US .. the drug companys wont allow the US to legalize it . because the methadone suboxone oxycontin all opiates would be easy to kick in a 1 5-8 hour so called TRIP that resets the receptors in our brain to make no withdrawals and no cravings. type in Ibogaine. watch a 10 minute video on how Screwed up the US is its all a big conspiracy to make millions of dollars on us addicts. its like finding a cure for HIV and making it illegal because all the meds and BS trips to the ER and sh*t. the united states is the most currupt country in the world. no matter wat anyone says. we arent free. we are prisoners. f**k bush.!


It amazes me how many people who treat drug addiction have no earthly clue on this treatment.  I sat in a group of 30 addicts and the group leader last night and not a single person knew of this treatment.  After months of studying and soul searching I am scheduling my Ibogaine treatment next week (In Mexico).  Hope to go sometime in July.  I know before I go that if the treatment does what it has for so many people I will stand on my Soap Box till I loose my voice trying to help as many people as possible avoid the abuse that is going on in this country with Suboxone, Subutex, and Methadone.  When I say abuse I mean clinics and Drs. placing patients or should I say (Cattle) on these medications with no intention of any real kind of other treatment and every intention of either them leaving the program or them staying in and being on these drugs till they do something like me or die.

I have spoke to well over 15 patients who have went through Ibogaine treatment.  All Professionals with solid family lives and all have explained a rebirth process where they no longer consider themselves addicts.  Sure they were but unlike when they were on Subooxone they now think of that addicted person as an entirely different being and have been able to resume normal living at a level that no Suboxone Patient I have ever spoke to has!!!  I will update after my treatment!!