Hi, this is my first post... I'll need some advice.

August 16th, went to bf's house to hang out. We only did up to oral sex - no sexual intercourse, including him wearing a condom. Note: He put the condom the wrong way, and put it back the right way, I did not see any pre-ejaculation. He rubbed the condom near my labia while wearing it.

My period was expected to be the 22nd of August - which is like a week later from the hangout at my BF's. It never came, I waited a week longer... on the 29th it still never came. So I went to take a pregnancy test and it came out negative with first morning urine.

But here's the thing, I'm not sure if pregnancy signs show the FIRST week after conception (supposedly). So I'm entirely not sure if I took the pregnancy test at the wrong time and that I need to take another one again this month.

I still don't have my period by today... I DON'T have nausea, no back aches, no headaches, no spotting, no unusual discharge, no fatigue, moodiness, no frequent urination, no bloating, no weight gain, no cravings. Though I wouldn't consider my nipples to be tender or swollen, only since Monday I've been having sensitive nipples, they don't hurt or feel really sore when I touch them.. It's just sensitive that's all. I still think that I'm not pregnant... but what are the chances.

The last month, I was really stressed at some point from worrying about work and upcoming school changes. But this month I'm fine but I still don't have my period.

I'm planning to go see a doctor soon once I get my health insurance card, but can someone give an insight of what might be happening?