Hello Everyone,

I have been reading things you have been posting on this blog and I'm kind of in a similiar situtation. This is my first month off birth control. I have been having unsafe sex and using the "pull-out" method. My period is now 3 days late. No signs of it coming. My breasts have been a little sore for the past 2 weeks but nothing major. Last week, I was having this weird pinching feeling around my left hip bone, nothing I have ever felt before. 2 Days ago i was woken up by a pulling sensation in my vagina and then i never felt that again. That day I decided to take a pregnancy test because I am never late. It was negative. but today day 3 still no sign of my period. Is there a chance I could still be pregnant? I have a doctors appointment Friday to have them test me. But I kind of want other peoples opinion to help ease my mind from now till then. Please help.