i am very regular i have NEVER been late for my period. I am 21. i have a 26 day cycle. my last period was March 24th. I have horrible cramps to the point where i can not walk about a week before my period comes. So when i didn't start cramping i knew something was up. I believe i ovulated on April 5th because i was cramping over by my left ovary. (Mittelschmerz) and me and the DH did "baby dance" around this time. i have been extremely tired  (=_=)  (=_=)  lately My boobs dont hurt but they do feel somewhat heavy and my nipples are itchy. and on the 17th-19th i did fell some type of cramping but it was so mild and something i never felt before. Could this have been implantation cramping? would it be late implantation? I was still thinking AF was gonna show but she didn't. i have been having trouble sleeping even though im really tired. And every time i move to get a better spot i start cramping Round Ligament Cramping? last night i had some back pain one the left side. it kind of feels like i do before i start but not as bad. i have had constant headaches for about a week now i even have one now. I also have this balloon feeling in my head :/ ANYWAY  I took a test this morning (first morning pee) and it was negative. ;-|  (i used clear blue easy not digital one) Could i still be pregnant? has anyone else had something like this? ive even heard of women not getting results untill they were 3 months?? please share your stories and comments THANK YOU IN ADVANCE xd