Six months ago i had my third child and decided that since we had two precious girls and now the little boy that we always wanted it was time to stop having children and focus on giving the children we have a good life so we decided that i would get a tubaligation before i left the hospital with my third child. On nov.17 I awoke to find that my son 4mo.old had stopped breathing in the night and had passed of S.I.DS. It is very devastating and that was our only little boy. Every month after i had my son i have always had my period on the 13 of evey month. We have had lots of unprotected sex. Around the 13 of Jan. I had cramps which I thought was going to be my period but nothing has happened and still today I still have not had a period. This has me wondering can i be or get pregnant even though I had a tubaligation? It would truly be a gift from God but not sure if I would be prepared for another child so soon after loosing my son. Im totally confused!