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I am 40 going on 41 I and my husband decided to have another child together. after 23 years. I did not feel we would want more. But, that is not the worry for me? the problem comes in where I had a tubaligation done 23 yrs ago and my tubes were cauterized. I went out of State with hubby and had a reversal done. In the middle of that procedure The dr. Found a overgrown Right ovary with oozing. Had to remove my ovary and left me with one repaired on the left with my tubes. I know my FSH was done and it was 5.7 Turned out that I had a Dermoid tumor that was on the verge of rupture in the right ovary. I am concerned that I might not ever get pregnant with the one child. After all the monies we spent on the reversal the Dr. just gave my husband a few words re: the tumor and did not leave him with hope of a baby. I know several women in their 45+ having children. I am taking the initiative to see the infertility specialist for a more aggressive method this month. We don't want to wait too much longer. Do you have or anyone have a simular Situation or Idea to share?


Consult a gynocologist first.