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how would you know if your pregnant if your tubes are tie and had a period

around the first of the month,but it wasn't normal for you and then about

three weeks later start spot pinkish but you being gaining weight and feeling

bloating but took a pregnancy test at home and shows neg. but took it late

in the evening would i be pregnant?


How would you know?!? By doing the pregnancy test of course and the blood test, which is more reliable than the first one. So, when you ask yourself a question could I be pregnant, the best you can do is to take the test. That is easy, Yes, there is always a chance to be pregnant even if your tubes are tied. This also happened to my good friend when she was 35 and she was refusing to visit her doctor telling us that she CAN'T  be pregnant because she tied her tubes. Even if she was three months late, even if her stomach was growing, she was refusing. Finally, she notices that she really is "growing up", she went to see her doctor - and there was a baby. So, go to see your doctor because very often pregnancy while your tubes are tied can result in ectopic pregnancy. It can be dangerous.