Hello. I am only a 16 year old girl and here's my story .. Me and my boyfriend have been together 2 years and we've only had sex 4 times because i dont want nothing to happend because i get scared about these things... Anyway, i last had sex 7 weeks ago, unprotected but he cummed way after he pulled out. I still came on my period as normal so i was fine. In the last month we havent done anything sexual but he has cummed on me twice(not up the vagina ofc) be he normally cums on my belly or my groin near my vagina and everytime he cums near my vagina i always quickly wipe it off and wash myself. So i was meant to come on around the 17th18th June, as my periods range from 25 - 30 days but i havent been on since 5 days and i have been worrying. But we havent even done anything bad like sex ffor me to get pregnant! So why havent i come on? And i have had none of the pregnancy symptoms either. Can somebody help me? I dont want to be pregnant :'(! I was planning on taking a test on sunday morning when it has been a week. Please help me! :-(