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i don't know if anyone can help me but i'm in a bit of bother at the moment and have been for quite some time. i realised from around 14 that i had the condition called phimosis and it took me a long time to get the courage to do anything about it.. i eventually managed to pull back my foreskin when i was about 17 and since then it has become easy to pull back apart from when i have an erection.. when i have an erection, it does not go back naturally and i can force it but it is uncomfortable and will then require me to force it back again. i went to see a doctor about this last year and he told me he wouldn't recommend circumcision.. instead he told me just to keep using masturbation to loosen it and use lubricant. well i have been doing this for a good year now and nothing has really improved..

i also have the suspicion that i have peyronies as well, but i'm still not sure if the curvature is the result of my phimosis and this was why i did not mention it to my doctor as well (as well as embarrasment of course). so now i'm 20 and this issue is seriously affecting my life, i am extremely anxious in social situations and i actually fear the prospect of a relationship.. can anyone help me?


Hello. A help from an expert would be extremely useful if you want to get know all of those questions and answers. No one can tell you more about the phimosis treatment than your doctor or your urologist.

Anyway, you do know that phimosis is a fairly common condition of the penis in which the prepuce or foreskin is too tight or small for it to be completely pulled back over the penis. Well, most of the time this condition is detected in early childhood. Also, that doesn't mean that this can be discovered when you are older. But it is a little bit different, not a lot, because in the adult with phimosis, foreskin can't be easily pulled back over the head, oil and dead tissue cells collect between the head and foreskin, also during sexual activity, the skin can become irritated and painful.