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I have taken Morphine for more than 13 years due to failed back syndrome. I had three back surguries. I have a physical dependency on this drug. I do not abuse my medicaltion in ANY way. It is time to get off this medication. It is ruining my body and holding me hostage. That said, I do not want to become a raging drug abuser, addited to Suboxene. I see patients in my Doctor's office, who are constantly "falling off the wagon", and failing their drug test. Scares the hell out of me. Will I be able to use Suboxene, to wean off Morphine and hen be able to stop the Suboxone?


Do you still suffer with severe pain in your back?  If so, how would you deal with that without drugs?  Is morphine not working and relieving your pain?  More info would be helpful, if you don't mind.   Rodney