So I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst on the 13th of June, had incision and drainage on the same day, the wound has pretty much healed up all the way, and a small dot remains. I have no pain or anything.

The thing is, this alleged pilonidal was nowhere near my tailbone, it was on my lower left butt cheek, so I was thinking, maybe the doctor didn't diagnose it correctly, and it was just a normal skin cyst? I believe this could be the case because I am not very hairy in that area and my hairs are pretty soft. Also I haven't been taking good care of hygiene recently and so I thought this might have been just a normal abscess that needed to be drained.

The reason I still think it might be a pilonidal despite its unusual location, is the fact that there is a small dot left after the drainage (I will provide a picture).

Furthermore, in the spot that a pilonidal cyst usually occurs, near the tailbone, I have two black spots that don't hurt at all, but I was hoping someone could provide some insight as to what they could be (I don't remember myself without them).

Image 1: https://preview.ibb.co/nhRqBo/IMG_20180705_221647701.jpg (the incision was done where that dot is on my lower left butt cheek)

Image 2: 


(This is a close up of the site of the incision and drainage)