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My boyfriend has a dark pimple/wart-like bump on his anus and he complains that it hurts. What are the remedies for this occurrence? You suggested that the blood could be let out.

Thank you so much!



Hi. a few months ago I too discovered a pimple/sore spot close to my anus. I thought that it was just an ingrown hair. I started shaving in that area and for this reason, I assumed it was just an ingrown hair. I thought that I would wait until the pimple came to an head and pop/bust/lance it. Long story short, it grew from a very painful pea size pimple to a lemon size within two weeks time.
I was told by a friend that I needed to bust/lance it inspite of the pain as soon as possible. Well, I tried this but just couldn't drain it!
Nothing came out but blood. So calling my doctors office, the nurse told me that it had to be checked out by a doctor. She advised me to go thru emergency to have it checked out. This I didn't want to do! I didn't want someone looking at my anus! But what choice did I have. The pain got unbarrable , so I woke my wife up from her sleep to go with me through  the E.R. Long story short, what I thought was an engrown hair/pimple was an abscess. The embarrisement was a minumum. My experience with the care I recieved in the E.R. was great! Now, that being The healing process was a challenge! It took about two full weeks for the infection to totally drain and I couldn't sit for the whole time. I took a week off of work while recuperating. I would suggest calling your doctors office for good advise.