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Hello Christyoc,

I had the same procedure you are mentioning but with stitches and the only real difference is a bit more discomfort with the stitches. My eye does not look nothing like the pictures in the link you provided. What happens is that once the pterygium is remove and the amniotic membrane is place in the area the eye in about 4 weeks would have absorb the membrane that is when you will grow new veins which is what happened with mine and bolieve Crist mention the same.


Hello Christyoc,

The doctor that did the surgery for me is in Miami.

He is really good I bolieve is been doing the procedure since the mid 1970's.


Eddy... I hear what you are saying about the new veins growing in but did it look better after than it did before? Also, did you have a lot of veins before the surgery and if so...were they at least reduced?


And thanks for the link to your Doc. in Miami...I'll look into that


Christyoc, It looks a lot better now. I would said is about 80% less veins than before. When I stop taking Pred Forte(eye drops to reduce inflammation and redness) the veins got more noticeable, now they are getting smaller and more pinkish then red. How big is your? Is it near the Iris?


Eddy...well that's good to know. I'm not sure exactly how big my pingeculas are. My eye doctor told me the one in my right eye is pretty large whereas the one in my left eye is much smaller. Neither are touching my iris. The one in my right eye, which is much worse, is on the outer side of my eye half way btw. my iris and the corner of my eye. The pingecula itself is barely's a light yellow color and almost blends in with my eye but I have some very large red veins leading to it and they cluster at the site of the ping.

How long did the healing process take after the surgery and did you experience any eyesight problems afterwards. Any info. you have about your experience with this Doctor would be helpful. I definitely want to get the surgery in a couple of months so I'm trying to figure out who'd be best to got to.

Thanks again.


tks for sharing.


hi chris

thanks for sharing with us..your information really helps.

pls keep us updated oki ...

wish you speedy recovery!


had the surgery at UofM, they removed it and didnt use stiches or a graft (in both eyes ) i have scaring and much redness in both eyes after about six moths ( he told me either would be highly unlikly )! its been a nightmare! i also see signs of it comming back.. this is one of the top eye docs in the world! he trained with the doc in california at the harvard eye ( the one everyone speaks of) but no relavency to this procedure. i guess it looks better than yellow and raised dots on my eyes, but i can hardly make eye contact with anyone! im convinced that we know more about it than they do, everytime i tryed to share something that i researched about it, he seemed offended, so i trusted that because he was a leader in his field he knew more than i!


Hi Chris,

THanks for the post.

I am in California and am planning on going to Harvard Eye for my removal. I was there in September 2006 for the eval. Dr. Hovanesian recommended RESTASIS drops to treat my dry eyes (cause of the pings) and then to follow up in 6 months.

Well, the 6 months is here, and the drops have helped the dryness, but the pings are still there. He specializes in the no suture procedure, using some type of "glue." From what I hear, the results are very good.

I am curious to know about your surgery. Sounds like it's been at least 4-5 months. How does it look? If you wouldn't mind, could you email me?



I am 34 and noticed the pinguecula a year and half ago and it has only gotten worse. My eyes used to be "my best feature" now I too am afraid when people look into my eyes during the light of day. However, it's not just cosmetic. My eyes are constantly in pain and they're bright red and bloodshot. People always assume I'm tired when I'm not.

It's odd. I have not been a sun worshipper in my life and haven't spent much time in windy or dusty places. I've wondered if it's because my eyes are quite large that perhaps they are more vulnerable. Have others found this to be the case?

I've been to several top doctors in New York City where I live, and of course, no one recommends surgery.

I'm extremely interested in hearing about success rates after surgery. I feel this site is my only resource for real information rather than the brush offs I receive from the medical community. I'm also interested in whether surgery solves the vein problem. I also have the lovely large veins going into the pinguecula. Lovely.

The bottom line is that doctors just don't see this as a problem, but this condition has had a serious affect on my quality of life. It's painful and it's unsightly.

Thanks again to everyone who posts their experiences on this site. It has been tremendously encouraging for me.


Hi guys,
After reading everyone's comments, well, I'm speechless.
I have had this condition for a while, like the actress girl, It was mostly cosmetic, my eyes always red, etc etc.
I am half Peruvian, so I go there quite often, on my last visit, went to see my oftalmologist and she suggested cauterizing with laser some of the red veins and flattening the yelowish mass, anyway,
I went for it, and its been 6 weeks and some of the red is out. I go back in July so I will have my other check up, but I know the healing part takes some time. My eyes are looking ok I guess, but there are some veins that I still would like to get rid of. Has anyone done this procedure before???


I have pinguecula in both my eyes. Now this is all rather new to me. So these may seem like some simple questions. Im assuming that pinguecula is the yellowish part between the nasal and eye. That I understand. But I also have these two white bumps that are there as well. Is that also pinguecula or is that something else? And the veins, can you have pinguecula without the veins or is that something that happens when you have pinguecula?
I saw the doctor once and didnt think much of it because the doctor didnt really say it was anything bad. But reading it from your point of view it seems like a big deal. I was given some drops which had no effect and im going back in a couple weeks. I dont know if i want to go as far as surgery. Has anyone tried a holistic approach with success or maybe even supplements?


I am SO thankful I found this site! Everyone’s comments have been very encouraging. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone and that there are many of us who are persistently researching treatments and questioning our healthcare providers. I am 28 years old and just discovered my “pings”. I have no idea how long they’ve been there. My husband says that he noticed them a while ago. Now that I notice them I’m mortified. My ophthalmologist told me that they’re permanent, nothing to worry about, unsightly and there’s nothing that can be done to alleviate them. I was crushed by his flippantness of such a detrimental prognosis but can’t express enough what a ray of sunshine this site has been to me.

Can anyone tell me if they are aware of anyone performing Conjunctival Autograft surgery in the Seattle area?

Thanks again!


Hi everybody,
About 1 to 2 years I discovered these yellow dots in both my eyes (nasal side). There are much worse things a person can suffer from, I know...but I am working in the theatre. Sometimes I have to do photoshoots and often you can see the pinguecula's on them. It makes me feel very unsecure, although everybody said to me that you hardly see it. Does anybody know more about the laser technique, or efficient treatment in
Europe? In europe it appears that they do not take this problem seriously. I really hate the yellow color!! Maybe this becomes less if it's thinner after laser? Keep me posted!!


If I was you I would have nothing done tilt they start getting bigger. Also there is one treatment that they inject Myomicin on the head of the pingicuela and stops growing.