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I'm on my 7th month after surgery and I would said it took 6 months for the area to be totally flat.


Eddyblanco- Thanks for the reply. But how do I know if its big? I have nothing to compare mine too. Like I said I have a yellowish thing between my eye and nasal side. But I also have these 2 white things that actually stick out as well. Those are rather small. Not to mention veins on either side. The veins on the pinguecula look more angry then the ones on the other sides but they are noticiable and depending on the time of day look worse.
I think im still unsure of termanology and what is what.
My guess is I got pinguecula, and because of it my eyes got really dry. As a result of the dryness my eyes got itchy, irritated, and burned, as a result of that the veins formed. Thats my nonprofessional diagnosis.
Now the doctor is giving me some drops to reduce the pinguecula, and tears to keep my eyes moist. But to me if the pinguecula is the problem it needs to be removed.
I have my own theories about the whole doctor/drugs thing. And while they should be attacking the source of the problem, their giving me drops to wet my eyes, but that isnt helping any. It just surpresses the burning feeling.
Now I also have rhumatoid arthirits, so to tell you the truth, and im not attacking anyone here but Pingguecula is NOTHING compared to what some other people have to deal with. But what I am saying is that the drugs i take for my arthiritis only surpress the pain, it doesnt do anything else. It doesnt attack the problem. Im 31 now, and i had this condition since I was 21. So im not a old timer. But what i am saying is the only people who know the most about a condition are the people suffering from it. Its not the doctors unless they have the same problem. So of course when you complain about how bad it looks the doctor is going to wave that off.
WE are the people who can best solve this problem by sharing information, and i know everyone has been giving a lot of advice on their experiences with surgeons and there recoveries, and all that...but what is exactly the problem?
Some say this is to to sun exposure, or wind, and dust, some of you have never stepped out in the sun and still have it. Why are there veins? Do all of you have veins or just a select few? What are the white things in my eyes? do you have them. Do you have dry eye associated with this?Lets pull this information together and try to figure this out. How bad is bad? do we have pictures? etc.....This is for anyone...Discussion? Thanks, and i mean no disrepsect to anyone if you feel i came off harsh, i just want to learn as much as I can about it, and I would rather learn it from you then some bookworm doctor who has never suffered from this condition.


ps: PS: Before they diagnosed me with RA, they told me they couldn’t help me and that I would have to live like this for the rest of my life. Now the meds, do make me feel better, but I am all about a holistic approach, and trying to eat right, do acupuncture, among other things im dabbling in. Now when I went to the doctor he made it sound like pinguecula is a inflammation of the eye, so is RA, but of the joints. So would eating a diet based on reducing inflamation help? Would acupunture? I just think there are probably ways to get rid of it all together without the surgery, but if surgery is the only way to get rid of it, or people feel they cant solve it on their own, then I think surgery is the best way to go, because drops arent going to solve the problem. Besides over the long run you’ll be spending more money on eye drops than the surgery, which brings up another question: after surgery is everything ok? Im not talking about how it looks, but do you have tears again, or do you always have to put in drops? Its sad that society is like this but I think everyone is a little to concerned about how it looks. I don’t blame you, I don’t like how it looks either, but ive read some good stories who from people whose eyes are now as white as snow and others who said it got worse…
These posts are directed towards anyone....not just Eddy. Thanks again.


Ok, is 7 Months and the eye looks a lot better. The first 3 Months are not fun tell you that much, eye hurts, looks strange, dry, etc.

I use eye drops for the first 4 months every 4 hours now I use every 8 hours.

In regards to veins I have less compare to the first 3 months of the surgery. If I count them I have about 5 of them.

Someone ask before How do you get a pterygium. I play tennis professionally tilt I was 22, and surf tilt I was 27. I got the pterygium when I was 33, and I bolieve I got it from a cigarrete ashes burn but I'm not sure.

All I know if you get the surgery make sure you get it with someone that has plenty of experience, and use AMT with Myomicin to make sure it does not come back. That is the procedure I got AMT with intraoperative Myomicin for 2 minutes. Also DO NOT GET intraoperative miomicin for 5 minutes nor the miomicin eye drops after the surgery is really dangerous.


hi everyone
i live in the channel islands and have realised that i probably have pinguecula. it is on the nasal side virtually in the middle of the conjunctiva is clear to slightly yellow with a number of veins running through which are not unsightly or too red, it is round and is about 2-3 mm in width (by the way one of you were asking how you could tell if it is big or small - measure it and see what other posts sizes are!). Having tried to research this problem it was great to find this site as there seems to be a huge lack of info present although (apparently) it is a common problem. I think mine developed after a 3 hour jet flight in sept 06 when on landing a few hours after i noticed that my right eye was extremely bloodshot with the nucleus occuring approximately in the same place that the ping now is. Strangely i only noticed it, i think, about 3 months ago and thought i might have an allergy of some description and tried 'optocrom' drops, which seemed to reduce the size of the ping for a while until i noticed it had come back (2 months ago). Using eyedrops now does nothing and the eye is'nt sore as such, although later in the day after work it tends to become more red and when i get home i use drops and the redness clears (am now using normal sore eyes drops as i don't think it is due to allergy as i think it is a ping). My concern is that it might grow bigger and i wonder if any of you could comment on your own experiences. If it stays as is then i suppose i will put up with it as it is not too bad and probably only noticeabe up close (1-2 feet away) but if it gets bigger then it will start to look unsightly and could develop (i think) potentially into a pterygium. I find it very strange that such a growth cannot be dispersed with non invasive surgery - is this definite? can anything be taken or applied so that tit does not increase in size? This post is made to hopefully build up on info already contributed, but any help out there would be welcome - i am a 46 year old white male.........


I am 33 years old and have had the most horrible pings for about 8 years now. I have 2 yes TWO in each eye! one on the ear side and one on the nasal side. Sometimes when I look into the mirror in bright daylight it looks like the whites of my eyes are totally yellow. I have been a contact wearer since I was 21 and I have also been a sun worshiper in my younger years so most of this is my own fault......... Now, I am unable to wear contacts because it makes my eyes so dry that it feels like the contact is sticking to my eye. My eye doctor has me on a year of RESTASIS drops for extremely dry eyes . I am on month 3 with no improvment as of yet. I have been so depressed about this issue because I feel so ugly and I have a hard time talking to people in daylight. Thank goodness I have transitional glasses so they turn darker when I am in the sun! I am so thankful to find this site. My thought is: IT is the year 2007. There HAS to be some medical breakthroughs on this issue soon!


Dear fellow sufferers

I’m a 31 yr/male and have a 2 mm ping on my left eye (towards the nasal area) for at least 10 years. I never knew exactly what it was but just discovered its name 3 weeks ago when I got an eye check-up. Of course I got the usual response - don’t worry about it; its not going to affect your eye sight; take some dry-eye drops. My usual cynical judgments from these professionals seem in this instance justified.
Up to this point I always felt alone with this condition. I used to think it was cataracts and felt self-conscious whenever I was in eye contact with others. I would always try to ignore it, thinking I was super-sensitive for allowing it to aggravate me. But the fact is it never goes and is constantly irritating – I find myself constantly assessing the redness of my eyes when I look in the mirror .Yes! I have some angry veins surrounding the ping which always make me look tired, drunk (if I’m in a nightclub), or hung-over (if its an early Sat or Sun morning).
Now as far as I’m concerned this is a handicap.
What will I do about it? Probably nothing.
The eye drops suggestion from professionals is in M.H.O ridiculous. Whats the point of putting something in your eye that will only relieve your symptoms temporarily. Its not like I’m in major pain. The real problem is that it never goes. So I would only ever consider a permanent solution. Besides, eye drops would be a disservice because in M.O. your eyes will become dependent on an external means of lubricating your eyes and will only teach your own tear glands to retire.
As for the reason I got a ping in the first place – well if I could be so bold I will provide my own self-analysis, seeing there doesn’t appear to be anyone qualified enough to do the job. Ping, like all illnesses, comes about from stress. I have always suffered from self-consciousness. This, coupled with an active life in the sun, especially going to the beach a lot, caused ping. My guess is that people who get ping early in life would most likely have had a stressful, but active, childhood.
I’ve often heard from gurus’ of some kind that life is all about relationships. If this is true, ping is an amazing teacher in patience, perseverance and resilience.


For anyone who may be interested, I just had surgery at Harvard Eye Associates to remove a pinguecula from my left eye.

I'm a 44 year old female in California who has pings on both the insides and outsides of my eyes. I've spent the greater part of two years avoiding speaking with people in daylight, my pings were so unsightly.

I think I have had pings for at least ten years, but I can't really remember when I first noticed them. They were small growths years ago, and when I finally started asking my ophthmalogist about them (because they kept growing) he was flippant and told me I just had to live with them and not use my computer so much. Given that everyone uses computers, I found that one hard to believe.

I had my surgery less than two weeks ago, and my recovery has been amazing, quite frankly.

I return to Dr Hovanesian this week for my followup appointment. Let me know and I will provide more details about my surgery, what I did to recover, followup, etc.


How much was the sugery at Harvard Eye? Were you able to get insurance to pay for it?


I just had the second of my 4 pings removed. everything seems to be ok. even though this time around I can actually see a tiny 'crater' where the ping was and healing seems to be slow (6 days and still really red and a little uncomfortable). the last one healed rapidly and look great... not super white... but a definite improvement.
the scary thing was that this time I freaked out, imagine the sheet with only a cutout for the eye...all the lights and movement of the doctor's and assistant's hands and then he says : now look up and to the left and keep real still, I am ready to cut...." yikes.. I just couldn't keep my eyball from moving .. it was so scarry.. I stopped breathing.
still worth it

p.s. my doc was dr. novetzky


Thank you so much to everyone who has posted with your experiences and knowledge about pinguecula and the removal of it. I have a pinguecula in my right eye, the pinguecula isn't that bad, but the vein(s) associated with it are ugly and now cause me pain, it feels like something is in my eye. I would like to get it removed but the prospect of the surgery and the cost of it are rather frightening. I found it interesting that Chris11 had his surgery covered by Cigna. I would like to hear more about the possibility of having it done covered by insurance.

I would like to ask that anyone who has had the surgery to please continue to update us here and tell us everything you have learned about this problem and the solutions you've found. Your knowledge is very very helpful to those of us who are just learning about this. Please continue to update months or even years after your surgery.

I am 46 years old and I did spend a lot of time in the sun when I was a child and a teenager. I also have worn contact lenses since I was a child. My sister also has pinguecula.

I would appreciate an update from Walker01, since you are close to my age, I would feel better knowing that even being a little older you were able to heal as well. I also am considering going to Harvard Eye Associates, since I am in the LA area (though I'd rather not have to go so far, they seem very skilled).

Has anyone inquired about Lasik surgery at the same time or before or after pinguecula surgery? I'd like to get it done as well since wearing contacts now is problematic, but I don't know if I need to do it before or after or ?

Thank you!!!


Hello people, if you have before and after picture can you please send them to me at _[removed]_

I'll be happy to share them with whoever will contact me (because there is not way to post them on here).

And also, Do you know of any great docs in New York area??


Hello everyone,
After reading all the posts, I hope my story can help & educate some of you.
I started developing Pinniculae on both my eyes about 7 years ago, you see I grew up in a hot climate (usually this happens to people who grow up surfing, in the coast, etc etc) I grew up in South America, so I guess I was exposed to too many sunny days…….

Anyways, my eyes were always red, I dreaded to go to any place that had “drugstore” lighting…..My eyes were always red, people would always say “what’s wrong with your eyes?” etc. Needless to say I was so fed up with this situation!

I started using vaso-constrictor eye drops only make matters worse. Eventually my Pin became what is known as Pterygium and I was so sick of it.
Did I mention I do modeling?? I do catalogue modeling, etc. The last photo shoot I had, the photographer told me, there’s only so much they can do with photo shop to take the red in my eyes and that was extra work for them……..

On my last trip to Lima, I went to see an eye doctor, and told her that I wanted to get rid of the red in my eye, call it what you want, I just want it out. She suggested to LASER the red veins; to be more clear, to Cauterized them with a Yag laser so they wouldn’t be so prominent and flattened the Pterygium tissue……….
Well, right from the start this was a NIGHTMARE!! After she basically fried my eyes with this laser my eyes were so red so irritated, I looked like Dracula. It was awful! They were super red for 12 WEEKS! Imagine, I couldn’t do anything! I would cry everyday! I kept asking her if they would get better and she kept saying “oh yes, they can’t get any worse!” but THEY WERE WORST than before!!!

I told her off, and went to see another very well known eye doctor in Lima, To summarize it, The way he spoke to me you would have thought he was given me my last rights!!! He told me that I should have NEVER laser my eyes, and that the Pin should have been left alone as it was not Pterygium yet. And only when it becomes a Pterygium and it covers your eye ball to have it removed…..So basically, Have your red eyes until they get worse, then we’ll see. He told me my eyes will forever be that red (with all the inflamed vessels etc) and that I should just not touch them anymore.

I went home, and just about cry me a river! I was soooo upset! I came back to Vancouver and was playing with my 3 year old and she looked at my eye and with her little finger pointed at them and said “Oh, Mommy ouchie”…….That’s when I lost it.

I thought, For God’s sake they’ve put a man on the moon, done heart transplants and they can’t fix this eye thing????? Am I the only one on earth with this problem?? It certainly felt that way.

I went on line and found this site where I found I was not the only one with this problem. This time I thought I’m doing a thorough research in picking the right doctor to see me even though I had no hope.
I came across two names: Dr. John Hovanesian from the Harvard Eye Center, and Dr. Arun Gulani from the Gulani Eye Institute.

I pour my heart & soul writing an email explaining what I’ve been through, and attached pics of my eyes. Within a week Dr. Gulani’s team had responded and I was in contact with his assistant, Nichole, who forwarded the pics to Dr. Gulani and told me he said he could definitely help!!! I was astounded! Couldn’t believe there was someone out there who could/want to take my case, (the other place answer me 4 months later….not impressed).

I was lucky enough to tag along with my husband to a business trip he had in Florida and we went to see & meet Dr. Gulani. My first impression was wow! This guy is sooo young! But the minute he started talking he sounded like such an old soul, on the ball, knew exactly what & how to help my problem. He first noticed my eyes were super dry, so he suggested I get the plugs in order to alleviate this condition. I got those plugs the same day, as if I was in a Chris Angel show, my dryness was almost gone! My eyes felt so good right away.

Then we schedule an appointment for my surgery, we both agreed my right eye was far worst than my left eye, so we agreed on Oct.
I couldn’t wait! I don’t have US medical insurance as I’m Canadian but I didn’t care paying the $3000 fee. (Heck, my girlfriends were paying 10 to 15 K for their boobs, I certainly saw this as a great deal.) During this time I was researching anything I could about Dr. Gulani, and every time I was more & more impressed with his credentials and new procedures! This guy is AMAZING!

The day of the surgery I arrived with my husband a little nervous and Dr. Gulani & his staff were so incredible, I felt really at ease. The day after the surgery, I came to see Dr. Gulani, he took the bandage of my eye, and I just about cried when I saw my eye……..IT WAS SOOOO WHITE! Beautiful! Like when I was a kid! I couldn’t believe it. This man did what other doctors told me it was impossible.

I’m very happy today with my eye, and can’t wait to have the other one done in February.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Gulani and if anyone wants to see pics of before & after email me at zarella1at hotmail.


I also live in Denver Colorado and wondered if you could give me the name of the doctor that performed your surgery


Hello! I was reading for months on this site about pinguecula removal. I am a 25-year-old female, and have pingueculas in both eyes. The right eye nasal side one was HUGE! They were so ugly to look at, so I decided to have them removed. I had 2 of the 4 removed, and will have the others done if they grow any bigger. I am currently 3 1/2 weeks post-op. If anyone is interested in my surgery, eyes, etc...let me know and I will share! I have had eye problems since I was 11, and I KNOW what it is like to focus so much on this, and feel like that is all people see when they look at you.