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Please make me understand, how can i have the chance to get pregnant with iui even though i am bulimic...please let me understand....why cant i get pregnant on my what convinces me that it is easie with iui....please talk to long do i have to wait till i know im pregnant...have you heard of someone conceiving with iui and them having eating disorder...get back asap


It is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 patients at an infertility clinic is there as the result of an eating disorder.

Eating disorders lead to infertility. Its probably the reason why you are having trouble conceiving.

You can't carry a child full term with an eating disorder. You know this. You need to supply the unborn child with a healthy, full diet with three meals a day full of nutrients and vitamins to ensure it grows into a healthy child free from defects.

does your doctor know you are bulimic?