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What are the chances of conceiving after one abortion which i did within
one month when i came to know i didn't had period for the next month and as i had positive pregnancy test??
I am now under tension as i haven't conceived after trying for one month.
Kindly tell me what to do and not as i am so worried that i remain under stress all the time and sometimes i think of committing suicide coz of the same reason.
I would not have aborted if i would not have exams...but now i am regreting...Alas! that time had gone.
Please reply me .......... :'(


Many women feel regret, depression, anxiety, etc. after having an abortion. If you feel that way, I suggest you seek professional help. There are support groups that deal with abortion and pregnancy problems. Look one up in your area, or look up a psychologist.

As for conceiving after having an abortion, yes, you can still get pregnant. On average, a woman can have four abortions before she becomes infertile. Since you say you only had one, you should still be able to get pregnant.


WOMEN can have 10 abortions and still be able to have children..4 is not some magical number.

I have had more than that, and I am perfectly able to have children.

In some countries women have MANY abortions because birth control is not available, and they still have children.

I am a health professional =)

HEALTHY COUPLES can take up to 12 months to conceive, it is not an INSTANT process, it does take time.