I’m struggling to figure this out so I’m reaching out for some help. First off. I’m gay. Been in a faithful relationship with my partner for 9 months. Recently about two weeks ago I began experiencing pain in my penis right after I had sex with my partner one night. I figured I must of developed a UTI because we did have a small accident during sex. If you know what I mean. I showered after and gave it a couple days to see if the pain would go away. I dealt with this pain for two days until the third day when I came home from work and out of no where starting feeling dizzy, fever, nauseous and abdominal pain. That’s when I said enough and went to the urgent care where they confirmed a positive test for Chlamydia. I was shocked. I thought how could this happen? My partner was very angry at me and accused me of cheating. But I can say 100% without a doubt. I did not. This has caused so much strain on our relationship. Thinking about my sexual history I remembered a guy I dated for about two weeks more then a year ago accusing me of the same thing after he tested positive. However, I got tested immediately after and was negative so I believed he cheated and we broke up. This is my only conclusion as to how I got this without saying my partner cheated on me. Which I refuse to believe. He would never do that to me. From what I’ve researched this is what I’ve decided. I was infected with Chlamydia from my previous relationship a year ago. I tested negative because the test was inaccurate or I tested to soon. Chlamydia has been in my body dormant during my current relationship and just began to flare up. That’s all that makes sense right now. But I want to know what you guys think.