After reading all this "Ohhhhh the horror..." posting about the excruciating pain, I figured I would share my 17 year old experience. I had them out Thursday, so that puts me at day four or five. The worst- Day 3/2. I was as weak as a kitten and couldn't hardly eat much. The best- today I managed to eat WELL this morning (French toast) Chamomile tea is sOothing!!! DONT eat many milk products. Scrambled eggs have been the easiest food for me to eat. Instant breakfast powder has been nutritionally beneficial. Coke mixed with water is good. Cold ice packs! My biggest complaint is hunger. I would kill for a big bbbq cheeseburger. I am on a steroid for swelling, but it makes me hungry as a side effect This is evil and makes me hate my ENT as it only accenuates the hunger and cravings Butterbroth has been beneficial One bullion cube made with butter and water. Eggs noodles bookend t to mushiness