i have 3 kids already all boys, and i had my first ultrasound yesterday. the doctor called me in because my triple screen came back positive. i went to see the doctor today and because they only got a verbal confirmation from the ultrasound doc. they couldn't tell me too much. i am not 17 weeks pregnant with my 4th child.. the ultrasound confirms that the baby may have down syndrom, the next step to believing it would be the amnio. we also found out that i have cysts and so does the baby we just dont know where or how big or what the cause would be. i am just wondering if anyone knows anything about this or went through it or if they can just kinda give me some hoping insperational wordings so that i am not freaking out anymore. i dont plan on terminating this pregnancy, i plan to keep on with it. even if there is a problem with the baby, the baby is still mine and still gonna be wonderful as ever.