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hello, i have read a whole bunch of other threads trying to find similar situations, but each one seems to be a bit different from mine.

ever since i can remember ive always had a tiny red spot on my right lower testical. i never thought of it as anything and it never changed or did anything really.
im 19 now,
im not exactly sure when but approx 3 years ago it started to get ever so slightly larger. soon it started to get flaky and dry and sometimes itchy, and ive read posts with people talking about similar cases but they would itch only at night or early morning. mine itches when i scratch it any time or even with heavy irritation. ive notice that it mainly happens at night but that might be because i generally dont go around scratching my balls during the day lol. anyways it seemed the more nights i scratched away at the itchy spot, and flaked off the old skin it would very very slowly grow.

then one day i looked and noticed there was another small spot on the other side, almost identical to the one id had as a child. it also began to grow in size and followed the exact same pattern. when i dont scratch for a few days in a row, the spots become scabby and very very flaky.

they have spread upwards a little bit and started in the sides of my pubic hair beside my testicals and upwards a little. the part there is harder and scabbier than the spots on my testicals. for the longest time ive just been completely afraid of it, and thought that maybe my body would just fix the problem itself as it has for most health issues ive ever had, i have quite a strong immune system and have never come across anything thats been a concern for so long. the spreading began before i was ever sexually active what so ever, so it couldnt be related to anything sexual, but after lots of vigorous sex/masturbation ive notice small red spots  on the tip of my penis, only around the rim though and ever so slightly on the top juust above the rim, also cracking dry skin that sometimes even leave tiny tiny scabs on the rim where the most contact is made (especially the main finger contact places during mastuurbation). on the shaft of my penis there are a few slight red spots that are not very noticable and dont itch/scab/dry out or anything theyr just a bit red, they dont ever inflame or raise up from the other uneffected skin. after letting my penis rest for a few days, they seem to get better but dont really ever fully go away (red bumps on tip rip).

sheer fear and embarassement have stopped me from seeing a doctor on the issue and this is kind of a last effort before i give in and go see the doc.


i suggest you buy penicillin and apply it to the spot.
ps : never be shy to visit and explain your symptoms to a doctor.