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I have recently started getting these spots on my neck and jawline. At first they appear as a lump, as if its a spot, they soon turn red and itchy, they become dry and flaky. To start with it was just a couple around my chin and mouth area, but then i had two under my chin and in the last week several have appeared around my neck and jawline.
I have been putting savalon on them to help the dryness and hopefully stop the redness, but nothing. They aren't getting worse, but nor are they getting any better.
Can anyone please help?Does anyone know of any cream or tablets that may help?

Thanks Sammi


tablets is not a good way to go buddy! and if ure scratching that are then you should stop that because the scratching will make it get worse! these generally take place during summers but may also happen in winters(like they happened to me >:( ).
as for the cream..u should totaly try cetaphyl or soframycin(worked for me) and after u take bath, apply some talc in that area to keep it cool. but no matter what,control urself and DO NOT scratch that area!