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Hello Everyone,

     Thank you for taking the time to read this post.      


     I've read a few other posts about Implantation Bleeding, and thus far the only conclusions that I have been able to make have been shotty at best. Let me give you a little back story before I ask my questions:


     Firstly, I am not one of those women who have regular periods. I do not have a steady 28 day cycle, but when I do start my period I have 4 days of heavy bleeding and 1 day of spotting, then we're done. That, at least, is repetitive with my cycle.     Secondly, I am currently on Birth Control, and have been for the past 4 years. I consider myself slightly above average regarding sexual activity, and have a steady boyfriend. I am monogamous.     Lastly, I miscarried in 2010, at 2 months pregnant, without showing any pregnancy signs other than a slight weight gain and fatigue.


     That being said, I recently had a very strange 'period,' and am not sure if it's Implantation Bleeding or just another weird period.


     My boyfriend and I had intercourse on the following dates this month: 04, 05, 06, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17.


     On the 18-20th I experienced light spotting in the AM, not even enough for a pad, just when I wiped. On the morning of the 19th I had a small lite bleed, but it stopped within 30min. 


     After speaking with a close family friend, she suggested that I go back to the doctor to see if my body had adjusted to the amount of BC that I had been taking for the past 4 years, and possibly have the dosage upped. I was unaware that there were different dosages of BC, though I suppose that it's possible. Since my period did not happen at the beginning of the month, I am expecting it within the next few days. I am experiencing weird cravings, fatigue, and a slight headache - but I am not immediately contributing this to the possibility of pregnancy since these symptoms usually accompany my period each month anyway. I plan on taking a home pregnancy test if my period does not arrive within the next few days.


     So, my questions are as follows:


     1) Is Implantation Bleeding a real common thing? I did not experience it when I was pregnant in 2010, but again - my body does not operate like clockwork, so I am aware that this just might be something that my body is doing this time "because it can."


     2) Does this sound like Implant Bleeding/ Pregnancy symptoms? As I said before, I had no symptoms with my first pregnancy, so this is all still new to me.


     Again, to anyone that gives advice, thank you very much for reading and lending me your time. :)


Hello Everyone,

       I am posting a new topic related to this one since no one has given me much insight into this matter. I have a few additional things that I would like to discuss ~ so please take a moment and let me know what you think. Thank you.  :)c