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On November 21st 2013 I had a bunion surgery. The night of the surgery I developed a blood blister on my big toe. by day 3 the blister I had taken over the entire toe leaving me in excruciating pain. I returned to the doctor at which point he sliced and drained the blister. as long as my foot is down the blister continues to get worse. It is now December 29th. My doctor cannot explain why the blister developed and at this point I am still not able to do a lot of walking due to the fact that my foot is not elevated the blister continues to grow


Hello jeanine... I am sorry to hear about your foot.  The fact that the blister keeps forming and keeping you from walking like you want to.  I think you should just have the blister drained again.  You can then start walking on your foot.  Hopefully, with the movement of walking this will encourage fluid from your feet and legs to circulate more efficiently.  You then shouldn't need to elevate your feet all the time.  I hope things get better with your foot and the healing process will begin.

Has any of our forum readers have a blister that just wouldn't go away or kept growing?