While still in the midst of my much-less-horrible-than-I-anticipated recovery I thought I would blog about it. :) When I woke up, it was the most awful pain I've ever felt, which really aggravated me, because I expected to wake up saying, wow, this is it, being all full of narcotics and all, but nope, they apparently wanted to see just how bad I was hurting before giving me the glorious shot of Fentanyl. So, my eyes pop open, and I promptly ask them to please put me back under. In what I can only guess was an attempt to escape, I bit down on my tongue so hard that it is now deformed, and that was really where the bulk of the pain was coming from. After they got the meds in me, though, I felt quite a bit better. The doctor came out and talked to us, very little of which I remember, but my wonderful fiance did inform me that apparently I made the right decision in having the surgery because once she got in there, my right tonsil was so gnarly from all the infection she had a hard time getting it out. I did groan when I heard this, because I thought that meant I would have a tougher recovery, but right now, I don't think that's the case. 


They sent me home with a wonderful little stay dry ice bag that I kept on my throat, and a warm blanket wrapped around me. I was loving the ginger ale water blend, and I pretty much slept the whole way home, thankfully not experiencing any of the common car sickness. 


I drank a gallon of gatorade that first night, which I strongly feel has contributed to my better than the norm recovery. I also ate some leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes in a moment of bravery. It went down fine, surprisingly, and I started to wonder if I was going to be the first tonsillectomy patient to gain weight post-op. 


The next morning I woke up, the pain was a little ripe, but still, my tongue hurt the worst, and after a little apple sauce and my meds, I was doing just fine. I actually went to the grocery (just a mile up the street) to grab some ice and some other essentials, and came home and had some more leftovers. I had another gallon of gatorade and sweet tea throughout the day and night. For dinner, I had one of those banquet turkey meals. The turkey is just soft enough to be easy to swallow, and the mashed potatoes mixed in with the stuffing and gravy were delightful. 


The next morning, I realized I was going to pay for my fearless dive into regular food. My morning started out with an intense wave of nausea followed by some Zofran and me curled up in a ball for an hour until it passed. Around lunch, having learned my lesson, I made sure I had my applesauce before my meds, and took my meds. I then decided that if I was going to lay around all day, I may as well get some sun, so I went and layed out on my lawn chair for a bit. My fabulous fiance brought me my amoxicillin which I forgot to take, and I'm not sure what did it, but sometime after, I had another strong wave of nausea and the Zofran did not help. I realized I wouldn't have to worry about that weight gain now, as the last couple of days' contents of my stomach were no longer staying there. 


I decided to alter my approach. No more sunbathing, and I cut my meds in half, taking them every two hours. I'm still eating, probably more than I should, but I'm sticking to a little more post tonsillectomy approved choices, like popsicles, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. Today for lunch I had a delightful medley of stove top stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Yum Yum. 


My pain has consistently stayed at below a five, I'm thrilled to say. Even post upheaval, which really surprised me. I'm thinking it may have something to do with my eating quite a bit, and my very consistent fluid intake. 


I have my alarm set for every four hours throughout the night, so I'm even up then, making myself drink at least 16 ounces each time. I take my meds every four hours (or half a dose every two throughout the day) without fail. 


I've also had a very loving fiance by my side, taking care of everything I need. I recommend a good caretaker for anyone who is going to go through this.