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hello there.  I recently got out of the hospital after my first and incredibly painful bout of pancreatitis.  This was the most terrifying experience and I do not feel I am strong enough to ever experience that pain again.  I have quit drinking and am taking my dietary changes very seriously.  I have been interested in juicing for some time and am curious if this is recommended or discouraged for a pancreatitis sufferer.  Would green smoothies be a better option as to not raise glucose levels?  I have tried researching myself but feel overwhelmed as to what is reliable information and what is just fake marketing.  I beg for any and all advice.


there are all sorts of sites online that offer lists of foods which are soothing for the pancreas and those which should be avoided.  don't go to sites listed as advertisements.  look for mayo cllinic sites.  that sort of thing.

spinach and kale are great juiced.  you can add lots of lemon or lime and a carrot.  blueberries are good.  and all sorts of berries including red grapes.  and buy them frozen and then they serve as ice to keep the smoothies cold