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what kind of diabeties its called which one develop after pancreatitis... and can that that develop into type 1 or type two ..
how can one treat it if occured at the early age of 18..
please answer ..thanks


Hello there i am robert or rt-- i am 49 - I had a pancreatitis attack in 1999, and then was a type 2 (non insulin) but I fooled around and not take the meds then i had my 2 in 2002, and then became a type 1 insulin dependent, for the rest of my live now, it was swellen to the size of a midium size summer squish, bugling out of my side and two 10 day hspl stays. I am on 14 pills in the morning and 5 at night, 3 shots min of HDNR & lantus. I am a test subject for the UCSD med students in their first to third year, so I am getting great care.
No I did not drink beer & things, sodas and high trigloiserides made me fall apart. It is not fun at all


Hi there!

Try eating lots of raw food, especially green smoothies! Then your body has access to lots of enzymes and nutrients to heal itself...

I recently read Victoria Boutenko's book "12 Steps to Raw Food". Her son got healed of diabetes after eating only raw food. She also has a website and there is a testimony of another guy whose diabetes disappeared after eating only raw food...

I have been eating mostly raw food, including her recommended green smoothies and have found all aspects of my health improved!