I had my surgery last thursday, and when I got into recovery my blood pressure skyrocketed... so they took me to ER and waited for it to go down.. they say I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Fast forward to Sunday (day4) it's about 8 pm and I took my last prescribed hydrocodone. I'm still in lots of pain by around 1:00 am so I take 2 of my wife's oxycodone left over from her surgery. The pain goes away, hooray. I have to take 2 more around 6:00 am before I can contact the Dr's office and have them give me another prescription. (they said it was refillable, but the bottle the pharmacy gave me said otherwise). As I get up to waddle to the shower, I notice these nasty looking lesions on my stomach and arms and chest. At this point I have no idea what could have caused it, and as the minutes go by they spread and get worse. Well, it turns out I developed an allergy to the oxy, and I'm now back on hydrocodone and they seem to be going away.. except for the pain in my feet.

I don't know if I got "sores" on my feet, or what.. but by yesterday afternoon when I got home, it became increasingly painful for me to stand or walk. The bottoms of my feet feel like I'm getting hammered on the ball of my foot every step. It's Tuesday morning and it still feels like this. My throat is pretty nasty, feels bad of course. Dry, itchy, stinky, painful to swallow, the normal... but my feet are really killing me.